Mrs. Pittenger Home

Mrs. Pittenger graduated from Washburn University with BS degree in Physical Education. She also has a Master's of Education degree from Baker University. Mrs. Pitt teaches all the Elementary Physical Education at Lincoln Elementary school. She also teaches Junior High Physical Education and Senior Physical Education.

Pitt’s PE Schedule

8:15-8:40 4th
8:40-8:55 Kng MThF
8:55-9:20 2A
9:20-9:45 2B
10:00-10:25 6th 5th Friday
10:35-11:00 5th 6th Friday
11:00-11:25 3rd
12:10-12:35 1A
12:35-1:00 1B
1:00-1:15 Kng MTuF
1:52-2:42 Advanced PE MTuF 1:14-2:44 W
2:45-3:35 JH PE MTuF 1:14-2:44 Th
2:47-3:35 Advisory WTh Room 112

Room #:Gym