Teachers for Global Classrooms

In early 2015, I learned about an opportunity through IREX and the Department of State for teachers in the United States. The program selected experienced teachers to globalize their curriculum through training and coursework as well as an international field experience. On a whim, I worked my way through the rigorous application process and was beside myself when I learned in June 2015 that I was one of 82 teachers in the United States selected as a fellow in the program. 
As summer faded into fall, the first mailing and package related to the program arrived. Inside I found a camera and webcam, both to be used in opening my students and classroom to the world. 
September brought our first information on our approaching coursework. We learned more about the program and how we would be familiarizing ourselves with the methodology for globalizing our curriculum. 
October was ushered in with excitement, as our first assignments were shared, obsessed over, and completed. Over the course of the next few weeks I worked to manage my time and roles of teacher, wife, mother, and student. It wasn't easy, but the coursework, discussion boards, and exposure to the concepts tied to globalized education were well worth it. Visitors can find more information regarding coursework and materials in the links provided on the menu bar on the left. 
In January my students completed our globalized unit plan. The unit plan, designed as part of our coursework, played out over the course of January and culminated with students' participation in a global webinar. During the global webinar students presented their final projects, google sites completed within cooperative learning groups that connected curriculum, global connections, and real-world 21st century skills. You can learn more about my unit plan and students' projects through the links provided below. 
In the first few weeks of 2016, an outpouring of information about our global field experience filled our inboxes. I learned that I would travel with a cohort group of my peers to The Republic of Georgia in March of 2016. 
Webinars, Pinterest boards, and social networking groups were flooded with conversation between the 82 fellows and their cohort groups. Although most of the fellows have never met, it is clear that they have a shared desire to know the world around them and to expose their students to global perspectives. We are the change we want to see in this world and momentous experiences are unfolding daily thanks to the opportunity presented to us through IREX and the Teachers for Global Classrooms program. 

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