People love to wonder.  Everyone has something special that they wonder about because people are naturally curious.  All religions began with one person wondering about the meaning of life. 

Religious Symbols


The word, "religion" comes from a Latin word that means "to tie." People of all faiths believe that their religion ties them to a higher purpose. Some feel that religion ties them to a sense of community by sharing values. Religion has also tied art, culture, and societies together for thousands of years. Magnificent buildings, beautiful works of art, amazing acts of generosity and kindness, and books have been inspired by religion or faith.


Religion helps people figure out the meaning of life and the mystery of death.  It can offer comfort in times of difficulty.  It can also give many a sense of belonging.   Some faiths believe we only live once, while others, like Hinduism and Buddhism, believe that we reincarnate or are reborn many times to fulfill our purpose.


From the oldest major world religions grew other religions.  The major religions have some things in common. All of them have a founder or leader, and many of these men were inspired by an unexplanable experience. All major religions have sacred scripture or writings like the Bible for Christians. People of different religions have special prayers, clothing, and symbols. Religion gives a sense of purpose and comfort in times of trouble to its followers.


Many religions, like Christianity, Jewish, and Islam, believed there is only one god, which is called monotheism. Buddhism doesn't have a god, but Buddhists do recognize many spiritual beings, while Hindus recognize more than three hundred million gods and goddesses. Believing in more than one god or spiritual being is called polytheism. 

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