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Expect a change in your log-in screen soon

Google is transitioning to a new sign-in page that's consistent across its services, whether you are using our Google Apps for Education account or from a consumer account. 

You will soon see a log-in window as shown in the image below.  You will need to type in your full email address. The change is scheduled to become active by the first of March.

*  The Google Chrome web browser is recommended for an optimal experience when using Google Apps for Education

Training Resources for Google in Education

Good to Know:

Google's policies and procedures (including privacy policy)

 Log-in Tips  (this info will become out-of-date by the end of February):

Gmail accounts are available for students, grades 5-12, and our staff members.

Differences in behavior between web browsers, whether we are inside or outside the district network, and the types of devices we use, require some variation in the way we log in to Google Docs.

In general, log in using the following pattern:

  • staff should use the first part of their USD253 Gmail address.  This usually firstname.lastname ( using your preferred first name).

  • students should use their student number as the user name & the same password  used when logging in to school computers

If you see a regular consumer-style login form use your full email address

  •  Staff: Use your regular USD253 Gmail address (i.e.

  • Students: Use 

  • Your web browser must be set to accept 'cookies'. - more info about this.

  • If you're outside the school district and unable to connect through Internet Explorer try using a different web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.  You should be able to install Chrome on your district computer with normal user rights. 

Request for Assistance

If none of the above resolves your issue please contact your building tech,  call our help desk, or email us