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>>> Spartan X-tra 2021-2022 Begins Tuesday September 7<<<

Sponsors have planned a variety of Super Fun clubs based on your interests!

If you haven't done so, please complete the Spartan Xtra Student Information Form

If you have any questions, contact your advisory teacher or Mrs. Albertson

Can't wait to see you!

Mrs. Albertson :)

Check out the Jr. Spartan X-tra Slideshow for 2021-2022 Information

If you have suggestions for new clubs, want to volunteer, or have questions about our program, please contact

Laura Albertson

Jr. Spartan X-tra After School Program Director

Laura.albertson@usd253.net 620-340-2335 ext 7227

About Junior Spartan X-tra

Junior Spartan X-tra is an after school program designed to offer students social and extended learning opportunities in a structured environment.

Club offerings are intended to expose students to a variety of activities not necessarily offered during the school day. Some clubs will be offered all year long such as "Getting Crafty" and "Funky Fitness". Other clubs such as "Soccer" and "Outdoor Adventures" are seasonal. New clubs are continuously being developed based on student/staff interests and sponsor availability.


This year, club offerings will predominantly be determined by our covid-19 situation.

We will do our best to offer unique, fun, and interesting clubs that will keep students engaged.

A schedule and description of individual club activities is available on this website (upper left of home page- currently under construction)

and in the Junior Spartan X-tra Slideshow

Daily club offerings will be announced in the daily morning announcements.

Clubs can be accessed by contacting the club sponsor or program director via email.

There is no enrollment or fees required.

Some clubs, such as "Robotics" are ongoing with activities that build upon each other, so a long term commitment is needed.

Other clubs are set up with new activities each day. Students may attend these clubs during one or more sessions.

See the club description page for individual club information and commitment requirements.