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EMS Inspired by Math attends K-State University Open House 

Manhattan Mathematical Olympiad 2017

April 1, 2017


Grades 5-6 

1st prize:
Thrisha Kalpatthi, Lakewood Elem

2nd prize:
Vinny Sun, Bergman Elem

3rd prize:
Andrei Mazin, Theo Roosevelt Elem
Kyle Obermeyer, Emporia MS

Honorable mention:
Nathan Hollenbeck, Emporia MS

Grades 7-8

1st prize:
Aishani Saxena, Blue Valley MS

2nd prize:
Nicholas Hwang, Susan Anthony MS
Michael Shi, Emporia MS

3rd prize:
Macy Vogel, McAuliffe International
Grace Xu, Emporia MS

Grades 9-12 

1st prize:
Styopa Zharkov, Manhattan HS

2nd prize:
Gergely Chikan, Manhattan HS
Allen Zhang, Manhattan HS

Honorable mention:
Anna Poggi-Corradini, Manhattan HS

Spring 2017 EMS "Variety Show"

Junior Spartan X-tra is offering several clubs to help participants get ready for this spring's "Variety Show"
(formerly known as Talent Show)
Variety Show Practice: Mon & Thurs
Karaoke-Singing Club: Tues & Wed
Guitar Club: Tues, Wed, & Thurs
Tricks & Talents Club: Wed
Club sponsors will explain and help students prepare for the audition process
Auditions will be held in April. 
See Mr. Purdy or Ms. Pearson for more information!