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EMS Math Olympiad April 6, 2019

EMS Inspired by Math team reigned supreme at the K-State Math Olympiad Saturday April 6th!

In the 7-8 category, there was a 5 way tie so the following students earned 2nd place and received a prize:

Laura Baldwin, Xavier Hullett, Kyle Obermyer, and Audrey Sheeley.

In the 5-6 category, Fathia Rahman earned honorable mention.

They were AMAZING! #Emporiaproud!!!

Happy Day!  Spring Has Finally Arrived! 

Spartan X-tra is ready to move into spring and get outside! Our physical activity clubs have been locked up in 
the building too long. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for outside activities. 
It's still a little 
chilly out some days so a light jacket would be great. 

Also, students need to have appropriate footwear for physical play. 
I know it's exciting to put those sandals and flip flops back on but tennis shoes are strongly encouraged for after school activities. 

We are NOT holding a new enrollment for Session IV. If kids want to change clubs or join Spartan X-tra, they just need to let one of the staff know and we will help them enroll or make changes to current enrollment. Check out the slideshow for current offerings. 

 LINK TO SLIDESHOW:  http://bit.ly/2FhpRkh 

Kansas Gear Up Joins Spartan X-tra! Students meet Monday & Thursday for Gear Up sessions and to participate in Spartan X-tra Clubs. 

About Junior Spartan X-tra

Junior Spartan X-tra is a program designed to offer students extended learning opportunities after school in a structured environment.
Clubs will be offered Monday-Thursday from 3:25-4:25 pm. There will be no clubs on Fridays and during certain times of the year. 

Club offerings are intended to expose students to a variety of activities not necessarily offered during the school day. Some clubs will be offered all year such as "Getting Crafty" and "Funky Fitness". Other clubs such as "Soccer" and "Outdoor Adventures" are offered seasonally. New clubs are continuously being developed based on student/staff input and sponsor availability.

A schedule and description of individual club activities is available on this website (see above left) and the Junior Spartan X-tra Slideshow 
found at this link:  http://bit.ly/2FhpRkh

Daily club offerings can be found also be found on the Junior Spartan X-tra bulletin board & in the daily morning announcements.

Some clubs, such as "Robotics" and the "Junior Spartan Spirit Squad", require regular attendance each week throughout the year. These clubs are ongoing with activities that build upon each other, so a long term commitment is needed. Other clubs are set up with day to day activities. Students may attend these clubs during one or more sessions.

See the club description page for individual club information and commitment requirements. 

In order to participate, students must bring their identification badge to Jr. Spartan X-tra on the nights they attend. Students who forget their ID badges can go to Homework Help or they will need to call parents to get a ride home.

Snacks and transportation will be provided nightly.  Students needing a ride home must sign in daily to ride the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus routes are different than normal bus routes. Call transportation to determine the stop closest to your home address. 

Students not riding the bus must be picked up in the BACK of the school by 4:30.