Welcome to NLC Elementary!
NLC Elementary is the K-8 building in USD251 serving approximately 240 North Lyon County students.  

Doors open: 7:30am
School start time: 8:05am
End of school day: 3:35pm
After School Care: 3:35 - 5:40 (this is a prepaid service -please read below) 
Why should your child attend our school? 
"It takes a village..."
There are many great reasons that parents mention to me about why they love NLC Elementary.
The first and foremost is that our school is much like an extended family.  We know our students, their parents, their grandparents, their aunts ,their uncles...well you get the picture. Meaningful relationships are what allow teachers and staff to understand the needs of their students and having those strong personal relationships allows our staff to communicate a students needs and successes with family and friends.  We have all heard that it "takes a village to raise a child".  This is only true when all those within the village know each other and depend on each other.  This village-like family atmosphere is the number one reason parents tell me they love their child/children attending NLC Elementary.

"Identifying the students at-risk..."
At-risk students are those students that are in danger of academic failure, due to various factors sometimes beyond the student's control. These students face a number of challenges that other students do not. NLC Elementary is constantly evaluating, not only incoming students, but all students, to ensure that if they are at-risk based on several qualifying criteria, then appropriate interventions are put into place.  We employ several staff members whose sole job is to work with these students throughout the day.

"A home made meal..."
Our lunches are not delivered by truck, nor are they frozen and simply warmed up in an oven.  Our cooks make breakfast and lunch from raw ingredients each day!  
I have had several folks that I know that went through our school, still ask... "Do they still make all their own meals in the kitchen there?.  Yes we do, I say with pride!

"After school care"
We provide this service to any K-5 student.  This is a prepaid service that allows a parent, just like a lunch balance, to have a positive
balance billed at $2.50 per hour.  Sign out is required and allows for billing at the 1/4 hour.

"Jr. High Sports"
All 7-8th graders have the ability, so long as eligible (no failing grades), to participate in Jr. High sports.  NLC Jr. High does
not cut, meaning that anyone who wants to be on the team, will make the team so long as they remain in good academic standings. 
Volleyball, football, basketball, quiz bowl, and track are available as athletic offerings.  NLC is a member of the Flint Hills Junior League (FHJL).
FHJL is comprised of 8 schools: Osage City, Council Grove, Chase County, West Franklin, Lyndon, Mission Valley, and Central Heights.