Future Forecasting

Future Forecasting


An objective of this class is to analyze and project possible consequences of technological progress on society.  This assignment involves predicting future technological trends in the world and deciding on a plan that will address the positive and negative needs of these trends.  This is a group activity, which requires cooperation from all members of the group to be considered successful.




1.    Meet as a group.  Select a specific technology for forecasting.  Make individual assignments.

·      Determine background information about the selected technology.

·      Determine current applications for the selected technology.


2.    Meet as a group.  Develop a new direction (strategy/scenario) for the selected technology.

·      Develop an explanation of the new direction.

·      Develop an accurate strategy/scenario for the new direction


3.    Group members develop individual discussion/feedback about the group forecast.

·      Provide meaningful comments/logical conclusions.

·      Come up with why your project will or will not work.

·      Come up with Five questions to ask the class about your technology. (These must be in your PowerPoint) These will be on a test given at the end!!


4.    Meet as a group.  Organize and write PowerPoint

·      Make a PowerPoint over your Technology.

·      Your PowerPoint must contain 15 different pictures! Find pictures of your product from the beginning of time till present. NO PICTURES OF FUTURE!

·      Your PowerPoint must contain one Video. You will need to upload the video from the Internet and into your presentation.


5.    Meet as a group.  Organize and develop a 4-5 minute group oral presentation.

·      Follow oral presentation guidelines. (Each group member must talk half the required time)


Keys to Completing the Assignment Properly


·      A paper written by each group member must be turned into Mr. Bouwlare the day following your group presentation, at the start of class.

·      1 page double-spaced.

·      12 font

·      1 inch margins (sides, top, bottom)

·      Name (first and last), Date, Class Hour, Partner Name (first and last) all on top right of page. (Example Below)

·      Example:        Mr. Boulware


                      4th Hour

                     Mr. Downing        


Your final paper needs to talk about your invention. How did you come up with this invention? How can this invention make your life or lives of others easier? Talk about your partner and how they helped you with your project, or how they didn’t help you. Remember they are writing about you as well. Don’t start slamming your partner, find nice ways to say everything you say. (They will not see these) Talk about your final presentation, how do you feel it went? Do you feel you could have done better?


Important Information


·      Any group who is not ready to give their futures forecasting presentation on the day in which the group is scheduled to present will have their final grade reduced one whole letter for each class period after the presentation’s scheduled due date.


·      This hand out must be handed to Mr. Boulware before each group presents their presentations.  If you do not have this hand out, you will be reduced 10% off your final grade.


·     Presentation Dates: September 28 and 29th.



Name: ____________ Partner Name: ____________             

·     Future Forecasting Project Evaluation Checklist

Introduction (35 Points)

_____Citations used to find information (5 points)

·       Key points have citations

_____Background Information (30 points)

·       Adequate coverage of current status regarding technology and policy

Future Forecasting (40 points)

_____Strategy/New Policy (10 points)

·       Strategy/new policy thoroughly explained

_____Description of desired future for strategy/new policy (10 points)

·       Accurate scenario provided for your strategy/new policy

_____Futures wheel for strategy/new policy (10 points)

·       Includes primary, positive and negative effects

_____Discussion of potential problems or obstacles for strategy/new policy (10 points)

·       Realistic and logical

Group Oral Presentation (125 points)

_____Organization (4 points)

·       Presentation is organized, easy to follow

_____Content (4 points)

·       Presentation content is accurate, covers all key points

_____Quality of Slides (6 points)

·       Heading, bullets, numbered, awkward, boarders, crowded, etc

_____Spelling, grammar, punctuation (2 points)

·       All slides are correct

_____Presenters Knowledge of Material (4 points)

·       Accurate, shows preparation

_____Eye Contact (4 points)

·       Don’t read, audience contact

_____Poise and Posture (4 points)

·       Self-assurance, composure, group presence, attitude, stance

_____Professional Dress (4 points)

·       Gentlemen and Ladies: No Hoodies, No Coats,

_____Voice Level/Control (4 points)

·       Volume, word pronunciation

_____Length of Presentation (24 points)

4 to 5 minutes

_____ Individual Grade (65 points)

How well did you spend your time working daily?


_____TOTAL (200 Points)


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