About Me


My name is Caleb Boulware. I am 34 years old, I am married with two kids, Drake  and Brinley. My wife's is Kelsey Bouwlare, she is a 6th grade ELA teacher here at PCMS. My family is very important to me.

I grew up on a farm North of Cherokee on Highway 7, I was one of four children. My Dad and Mom own Bo's 1 Stop in Pittsburg, they have had it for 34 years now.




I love my job, I thank God everyday for blessing me with this opportunity. PCMS has a great staff, amazing kids and one main goal; Prepare young men and women for High School and the rest of their lives. I take great pride in this, I believe in every student at PCMS, I believe they are all capable of making a positive difference in the world.

My kids are the loves of my life. Drake has become 100% daddy's boy. Brinley on the other hand is 100% a mama's girl. I am blessed to have the family I do.




 Outside of school I have many hobbies, I love to duck hunt!!! This is a huge part of my life, the main reason for this is I hunt with my father. He taught me everything I know about hunting, fishing, sports..well everything in my life. I enjoy playing with my kids, playing golf, and working my dog at the pond.