Welcome Woodworking Students and Parents!
Welcome to the Linn High School Woodworking blog.  This blog is intended for informational purposes about LHS Woodworking.  On this blog you will find various links to woodworking sights as well as all the safety study guides, the class syllabus for each course.  The Gallery contains pictures of past woodworking students and projects from classes. 
A new way to avoid not studying for tests due to lost papers or handoouts has just been created!!  In the tab that says safety handouts and syllabus's, there are several links that will take you to a PDF file of everything you get in class.  Now there are no more excuses for lost papers.
Also a new link has been added for those who struggle with measuring.  It's called The Ruler Game! Give it a try against your friends and see who gets the highest score.


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