Mrs. Robison

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   Art I-
Back to the Basics...
Art I focuses on working the right brain, and teaches the the students the six art elements (Value, Line, Shape, Texture, Color, and Space) which are applied to all projects during the year.

Art II-
Students now begin focusing on the art principles and more difficult compositional arrangements while exploring media not used in Art I (Printmaking, Scratchboard, Acrylic paint, etc.)

Advanced Art-
Students begin to work more independently, using both art elements and principles of design, with more freedom to media and subject matter, allowing the student to develop their own style.

Independent Study-
The student is allowed to select his/her media or subject matter, and will focus on their own chosen theme for the entire year to create a portfolio.

  Favorite books- Left Behind Series, Harry Potter Series, Twilight Series, Hunger Games Series.

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Favorite sports team- Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns

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