Senior & Freshman English

Every English class teaches grammar and writing skills, each year becoming more advanced. The writing heavily emphasizes on making thesis statements and describing and explaining the topic, following the Six-Trait Analysis. Students will also read classic literature from different periods of time and will analyze and understand them. Grades come from daily work, essays, and tests.

"You make your own happy!"
-Mrs. McEwen's favorite quote

Favorite Books - The Language of Flowers, The Storyteller, and many more.
Favorite Movie - Fiddler on the Roof

Favorite Sports Team - Norton Bluejays, but she can watch any team play any sport because she just likes to watch sports in general.

Mrs. Sunny McEwen teaches Senior and Freshman English at NCHS. She has been teaching for almost 20 years and began teaching here in 2015. She says the best thing about working at NCHS is her "English team." Before NCHS, she taught at Hillsboro, Cheney, and Leoti. Mrs. McEwen grew up in Sylvan Grove, Kansas and attended Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas. Her husband is the Junior High Principal, Mr. McEwen and she has two children.

                                                                                         1st Hour - Senior English
                                                                                                        2nd Hour - Freshman English
                                                                                                        3rd Hour - Tutorial
                                                                                                        4th Hour - Freshman English
                                                                                                        5th Hour - Planning Period
                                                                                                        6th Hour - Freshman English
                                                                                                        7th Hour - Freshman English