Mrs. Lane

"I can do all things through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13
Best thing about NCHS-
Having people around who will help and support you and your efforts, and sympathize when necessary, too

!Favorite book- "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."

Favorite Movies- "The Wizard of Oz," "McClintock," "Stepmom," and "My Best Friend's Wedding" (among hundreds of others!)

Favorite sports team- None, but I like to root for the underdogs. Oh, I guess the Norton Blue Jays are pretty good, too (lol).

Recommended websites- I have several that my Spanish and reading students will use, but no favorites yet.
About Me: This is my second round of teaching high school Spanish in public schools. I also taught at Marais des Cygnes Valley, Lebo, and Cunningham, and in classes to home schoolers.

 I had a short stint as a fifth grade teacher. Being a para for eight years helped prepare me for teaching again.

My husband Tom and I have a cat, Phoebe.
1st hour - Reading Improvement
2nd hour - Planning Period
3rd hour - Spanish I
4th hour - Spanish II
5th hour - Spanish I
6th hour - Spanish I
7th hour - Spanish II