Biology & Physiology

Mrs. Laura Johnson teaches biology and physiology and has been teaching at NCHS since 2014. Before teaching at NCHS, Mrs. Johnson taught at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Lincoln, Nebraska. She is originally from North Platte, Nebraska and graduated from Concordia University. 

1st Hour - Physiology
2nd Hour - Biology
3rd Hour - Biology
4th Hour - Planning Period
5th Hour - Physiology
6th Hour - Biology
7th Hour - Biology

About the classes

This course is a required course for all sophomores. In this class students will understand living organisms by  learning microbiology, physiology, ecology, and biology vocabulary. Students are graded by their homework, tests, and lab participation.

This course is optional and is designed for students who want to go to college. Students will learn basic vocabulary of the human body and the function of organs. Students will be graded on their test scores, but they'll also be graded on small assignments and lab participation.