Mr. Vance

Mr. Vance is married to Tara, Director of the Norton County Community Foundation. He has one daughter, Evie, a 3rd grader at Eisenhower Elementary School. Also, he is head coach for the NCHS Forensics team and the co-sponsor for Blue Crew.
1st Hour: Public Speaking
2nd Hour: Planning Period
3rd Hour: Algebra I
4th Hour: Geometry 
5th Hour: Geometry
6th Hour: Algebra I
7th Hour: Speech/Forensics
   Algebra 1: 
    This course meets the requirements as set by the Kansas Board of Regents. It also fulfills the Algebra graduation requirements as set by the USD 211 Board of Education and by the Kansas State Department of Education. The course is essentially designed to help students generalize their mathematics knowledge and give them a basis to extend their study of mathematics. Algebra 1 must be taken by any student who plans to attend a four-year college. It is a prerequisite for chemistry and physics in high school and must a for any student planning a college preparatory course.

    This course meets the requirements as set by Kansas Board of Regents. It also fulfills the Geometry graduation requirement as set by USD 211 Board of Education and by the Kansas State Department of Education. Geometry involves the study of and application of deductive logic to plane and space figures. Analytic geometry shows the applications of algebra to the study of geometry. This course must be taken by any students planning to take Physics and is to be taken before Algebra 2.

Intro to Speech:
    Intro to Speech will present a broad overview of Speech. The class will include brief studies of several areas, introducing the basics of each. The class will be taught with the use of texts, typed handout sheets, lectures,and when possible, films, records, and actual presentations and demonstrations. Each student will be graded on oral presentations, written assignments, and written examinations. 

Public Speaking:
    Public Speaking is a dual credit class with Colby Community College. The class is a higher level speaking class that teaches students how to publicly speak in a variety situations. 

Fun Facts:
Years Teaching: 14
Years at NCHS: 8
Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Series
Favorite Movies: The Goonies, The 13th Warrior
Best thing about NCHS: The high academic standards that is expected out of the students
Favorite Quote: Do as much as you can, For as many as you can, For as long as you can.