Mr. Mordecai

1st Hour: Lessons
2nd Hour: Lessons
3rd Hour: Lessons
4th Hour: Planning 
5th Hour: Band
6th Hour: Lessons
7th Hour: Lessons
Instrumental Music:
Band is designed as a full year course for Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors. Some exceptions may be allowed for students to enter at semester if they really want to be in band, but must fulfill other course requirements (permission from the band instructor is required.) Students should be able to play a band instrument as a prerequisite, but every effort will be made to include any student who is willing to work and learn.

The first nine weeks is almost entirely marching band with the rest of the year devoted to concert band, pep band, and ensembles. Marching band and pep band have practices and/or performances that are outside the school day. Attendance at these practices and/ or performances is required as part of the grade for this class. Performance opportunities include marching band, concert band, pep band, jazz ensemble, other ensembles, and solos. 
Students are expected to take part in solo and/ or ensemble work for music festival the third and fourth nine weeks. Music selection is made with student input and is based on the highest possible musical and/ or difficulty level attainable by the ensemble. Grading is based heavily on students' participation is class, lesson attendance, and outside performance, and rehearsal attendance. Lesson are offered to all band members and are required for the highest possible grade.

  Fun Facts:
Years Teaching: 28 
Years Teaching at NCHS: 3
Favorite Books: Watership Down, The Bible, Left Behind
Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day, Hoosiers
Favorite Sport Team: Denver Broncos
Why did you chose this career: To work with kids