Mr. Burge


    Mr. Burge has now been a resource teacher at NCHS for five years. Prior to this, he worked at New Age and for the State of Kansas in Topeka. Mr. Burge has two daughters, Jessica and Kristen, and two sons, Kyle and Kevin. Mr. Burge enjoys the the great mix of kids and personalities which make NCHS a fun place to be. He also enjoys the great people he works around because of their knowledge and their will to help. 

Class Schedule:

1st Hour - Resource

2nd Hour - Resource

3rd Hour - Resource

4th Hour - Resource

5th Hour - Resource

6th Hour - Resource

7th Hour - Resource

Math Tutorial: Mr. Burge helps students who struggle in all areas of mathematics. 

Resource: In this class, Mr. Burge helps students who need assistance in different classes. It's similar to a study hall but the students get more specialized assistance.

Fun Facts: 
Favorite Book: Geometry Concepts and Skills by McDougal Littell

Favorite thing about NCHS: My boss is so wonderful

Favorite Movies: A Few Good Men, Anger Management, and Animal House

Favorite Team: Kansas City Royals

Favorite Quote: Start by doing what's necessary, do what's possible, and soon you will be doing the impossible.