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Project & Field Trip Highlights
Look for pictures below from field trips or other activities students have been doing.  
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Students in the elementary-7th grades attended a gifted gathering in Sabetha on Friday, October 17th.  Students were split into two groups:  art and water rockets!  They began their morning by either creating an art piece or building and testing water rockets.  Those students that had done water rockets had an extra challenge to build a rocket that also doubled as an egg drop!  This proved to be quite difficult and had we had more time, I'm sure some of the students would have mastered the perfect contraption!  Students were then able to create a large rocket mural out of various lids.  From there, they toured our own gifted art museum where students displayed artwork they had brought with them.  Art students were also able to watch the rockets being fired off.  Students ended the day by getting to know some of the other gifted students in the area by playing a BINGO game.  A few pictures from the day are found below:

8th-12th grade students attended the Kansas City Renaissance Festival on Monday, October 13th.  Although the weather was not ideal and we had to cut our trip short, students found the trip to be fun and intriguing.  Hopefully next time it won't rain the whole day!

Elementary and Middle School students were able to go to Jackson Heights school on April 4th for a gifted gathering with gifted students in the Holton Cooperative.  The day started with a demonstration of a robot built by high school students at Jackson Heights and then learning and watching a drone.  They also got to see pictures taken from a near space weather balloon launch that students have also done.  Unfortunately we were not able to watch a weather balloon launch because of wind conditions, but hopefully we can save that for a future gathering!  From here, they broke into one of four sessions doing either broadcasting, photoetry (photography/poetry), lego mindstorms, or kite math.  All students were able to get a tour of the former missile site where Jackson Heights school is built on, and learned a lot of information about the purpose of the silos and the Cold War.  

High School students took a field trip to the Arabia Steamboat Museum in Kansas City.  Here they were able to check out artifacts recovered from a ship that sank in the Missouri river in the 1850's.  After a tour of the museum, we got to eat some yummy pizza at Minksy's.  Students thought the day was interesting and informative.


Students took part in the annual KU Engineering Expo in Lawrence held on February 20th and 21st.  Students had the opportunity to put their math, science, and engineering skills to the test in a chosen design competition. Beyond design competitions, students were able to view displays and demonstrations of over 25 organizations from all the various disciplines in the Schools of Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.  The top three finishers in each competition received medals in their respective grade-level category.  Students seemed to enjoy the day learning about engineering concepts and gathering some ideas for competition in next year’s Expo!

The elementary and middle school students took a field trip to K-State's campus in Manhattan.  First, they went to McCain auditorium to watch a play entitled "The Jackie Robinson Story".  After a delicious lunch at Pizza Hut, students got to experience the magic of science while taking in a Chemistry Magic Show!  Many different chemicals and elements were used to create fire, smoke, and other cool scientific concepts!  They finished the day with a treat of Call Hall ice-cream before heading home.  

Manhattan Field Trip

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