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Dragon Athletics/Activities

Activities Director:  Tony Brokes
School Colors:  White and Purple
Mascot:  Dragon

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Wilson High School Coaches/Sponsors 

WHS Coaches

ActivityCoach Email
Baseball (Head)   
Basketball Boys (Assistant)   
Basketball Boys (Head)   
Basketball Girls (Assistant) Mary Kratky mkratky@usd112.org 
Basketball Girls (Head) Rod Seehafer  
Cross Country (Head) Bob Powers bpowers@usd112.org 
Football (Assistant) Travis Weinhold  
Football (Head) Tony Brokes tbrokes@usd112.org 
HS Track B & G (Assistant)   
HS Track B&G (Assistant) Mary Kratky  
HS Track B & G (Head) Tony Brokes  
Softball (Head) Cindy Heinze  
Volleyball (Assistant) Mary Krathy  
Volleyball (Head) Cindy Heinze  
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WHS Sponsors

Asst. Lead Teacher   
Scholars Bowl Christine Slechta cslechta@usd112.org 
Lead Teacher Tony Brokes tbrokes@usd112.org 
VE2 CATE Coordinator Alica Peterka apeterka@usd112.org 
Music Shawn Shipley sshipley@usd112.org 
Play Director Shawn Shipley sshipley@usd112.org 
Senior Class Sponsor Deb Gould dgould@usd112.org 
Sophomore Class Sponsor Terina Templeton ttempleton@usd112.org 
Asst Play Director   
FFA Sponsor Stephanie Laack slaack@usd112.org 
Concessions Manager Stephanie Laack slaack@usd112.org 
Freshman Class Sponsor Kayleen Kuhlman kkuhlman@usd112.org 
Weight Room Tony Brokes tbrokes@usd112.org 
STUCO Bethany Drees bdrees@usd112.org 
National Honor Society Bethnay Drees bdrees@usd112.org 
Forensics Adel Schrant  
Publications Kaylene Kuhlmann  
Junior Class Sponsor   
Junior Class Sponsor   
Cheerleader Sponsors Kate Scheirmeyer  
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Wilson Junior High School Coaches/Sponsors 

WJHS Coaches

Basketball Boys (Assistant) Leland Francis  
Basketball Boys (Head) Trenton Ptacek  
Basketball Girls (Assistant) Cindy Heinze  
Basketball Girls (Head) Bob Powers bpowers@usd112.org 
Football (Assistant)   
Football (Head)   
Girls Track (Head) Audria Hanzlick  
Track B & G (Assistant)   
Track Boys (Head) Leland Francis  
Volleyball (Assistant)   
Volleyball (Head) Audria Hanzick  
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WJHS Sponsors

Scholar's Bowl Christine Slechta cslechta@usd112.org 
Cheerleader Sponsor Kate Schiermeyer  
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