SOE Strategic Plan for Diversity

USD School of Education Strategic Plan for Diversity

Reviewed at SOE Faculty Meeting 2.7.2011 and approved


This plan has been developed for the School of Education. It is designed to enhance systematic efforts to develop curriculum, field experiences, and professional practices that value and promote diversity, while maintaining standards of academic proficiency. Our definition of diversity is inclusive, encompassing culture, race, ethnicity, sex, age, national origin, physical and mental ability, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic and experiential background.


Goal 1:  Encourage the integration of diversity knowledge, skills, and dispositions into the School of Education curriculum, field experiences, and professional practices. 


Strategy 1: Promote culturally fluent teaching and strategies to make classrooms more inclusive and safe for ALL students. 

Strategy 2: Encourage faculty to implement innovative curricular changes that emphasize inclusion of marginalized groups.


Goal 2:  Recruit and retain candidates from under-represented groups.


Strategy 1:  Encourage projects that would attract underrepresented groups and nontraditional students (e.g., married, single parents, differing chronological ages) to higher education. 

Strategy 2:  Promote program academic advising, student services, and retention strategies which include collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs, etc., to foster persistence to graduation.


Goal 3:  Recruit and retain faculty from under-represented groups.


Strategy 1: Support developing the School of Education recruitment plans in accordance with university guidelines to increase the number of faculty from diverse backgrounds. 

Strategy 2:  Utilize formal/informal networks to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates. Modify the School of Education web page, brochure, and so on to reflect support for diverse candidates as well as faculty. 

Strategy 3:  Foster a social infrastructure and nurturing environment for diverse faculty. 


Goal 4:  Promote the professional development of faculty and students in regards to diversity sensitivity. 


Strategy 1:  Organize in the School of Education to engage faculty and students in on-going discussion of diversity issues. 

Strategy 2:  Access all available resources that enable faculty and students to attend conferences on multicultural issues. 

Strategy 3:  Encourage and enable faculty to conduct outreach, research and grant projects in support of programs and initiatives around diversity.