Diversity Committee Bylaws

Purpose of Committee

            The purposes of the School of Education Diversity Committee are as follows:
  1. To develop a school-wide plan that reflects professional standards for diversity and will serve as a framework for integrating diversity into the School of Education.
  2. To provide on-going guidance for implementation of the school-wide plan for diversity.
  3. To review and modify the plan to keep it current.
  4. To annually review all actions related to the plan and provide suggestions to the Administrative Council and Dean as needed.

Composition of the Committee

            The committee shall consist of one faculty member elected from each division of the School of Education.  The term of offices shall be two years, with no more than one-half of the members leaving the committee in a given year.  Elections shall be held in the spring.  Officers (Chair and Secretary) shall be annually elected from the committee composition. There will be one graduate student representative and one undergraduate student representative from the School of Education appointed by the Dean annually.  The Dean’s designee and a representative to the University Diversity Committee shall serve as non-voting ex-officio members.


            The committee shall hold regular meetings (at least twice each semester).