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Ouellette, Scot University of South Dakota 
Pattison, Scott University of South Dakota 
Rezvani, Khosrow University of South Dakota 
Weaver, Keith University of South Dakota 
Lushbough, Carol University of South Dakota 
Forster, Gina University of South Dakota 
Burrell, Brian University of South Dakota 
Wang, Hongmin University of South Dakota 
Telleria, Carlos University of South Dakota 
Chaussee, Michael University of South Dakota 
Huber, Victor University of South Dakota 
Eyster, Kathleen University of South Dakota 
Li, Yi-Fan University of South Dakota 
Watt, Mick University of South Dakota 
Baugh, Lee University of South Dakota 
Schlenker, Evelyn University of South Dakota 
Zhang, Dong University of South Dakota 
Moore, Lisa University of South Dakota 
Wang, Xuejun University of South Dakota 
Birger, Chad University of Sioux Falls 
Mwangi, George University of Sioux Falls 
Soeffing, Bill University of Sioux Falls 
Hoppe, Adam South Dakota State University 
Halaweish, Fathi South Dakota State University 
Young, Alan South Dakota State University 
Zhou, Ruanbao South Dakota State University 
Chase, Christopher South Dakota State University 
Gonzalez, Jose South Dakota State University 
Pearce, David Sanford Research/USD 
Lee, Lance Sanford Research/USD 
Miskimins, Keith Sanford Research/USD 
Lee, John Sanford Research/USD 
Egland, Kristi Sanford Research/USD 
Baack, Michelle Sanford Research/USD 
Vitiello, Peter Sanford Research/USD 
Weimer, Jill Sanford Research/USD 
Kruer, Michael Sanford Research/USD 
Wu, Chun Mount Marty College 
Geiser, Vicki Mount Marty College 
Kelley, Jacqueline Mount Marty College 
Johnson, Ashlyn Mount Marty College 
Hartgraves, Greg Dakota Wesleyan University 
Patrick, Brian Dakota Wesleyan University 
Mazzer, Paula Dakota Wesleyan University 
Ramsey, Justin Black Hills State University 
Jensen, Katrina Black Hills State University 
Dixson, John Black Hills State University 
Siemens, David Black Hills State University 
Anderson, Cynthia Black Hills State University 
Bergmann, David Black Hills State University 
Asunskis, Daniel Black Hills State University 
Spellman, Garth Black Hills State University 
Zehfus, Micheal Black Hills State University 
Petersen, Jason Avera Research Institute 
Ronan, Patrick Avera Research Institute 
Downey, Terry Avera Research Institute 
Munger, Karen Avera Research Institute 
Vitiello, Seasson Augustana College 
Egland, Paul Augustana College 
Duffy-Matzner, Jetty Augustana College 
Scholten, Shane Augustana College 
Howard, Dan Augustana College 
Mays, Jared Augustana College 
Matzner, Steven Augustana College 
Larson, Mark Augustana College 
Gubbels, Jenny Augustana College 
Miles, Cecelia Augustana College 
Hall, Carrie Augustana College 
Eichler, Barrett Augustana College 
Showing 69 items