Augie, USF students attend Autumn Immunology Conference

       January 12, 2012

CHICAGO (Augustana College) — The SD BRIN Undergraduate Research Fellows (UGF) Program has made inroads towards having students leave their home institutions to conduct research under mentors at other PUIs, as evidenced in the poster presented in November by students from Augustana College and the University of Sioux Falls.

Jacqueline Miles of Augustana and Emily Johnson of USF worked for Dr. Jennifer Gubbels of Augustana this past summer as UGF fellows, and their poster, entitled “Characterization of immunomodulatory effects between SUSD2 and Galectin-1 in epithelial ovarian cancer,” was accepted at the Autumn Immunology Conference in Chicago November 18-21. Also contributing to the poster was Augustana student Samuel Evenson, and Dr. Kristi Egland and USD MD/PhD students Allusion Watson and Ashley Weber of Sanford Research in Sioux Falls. Dr. Egland is also a UGF mentor, and Watson and Weber are former UGF fellows.

“The students attended numerous scientific talks, including a career development session that featured careers in immunology,” Dr. Gubbels said. “The students also presented their poster at the poster session. We also had some time for fun, and we went to the top of the John Hancock Building and did some shopping on the last day.”

Since 2009, UGF Program Director Mark Maxon has spearheaded an effort at “cross-pollination,” or getting students to explore research opportunities at outside institutions.

“The fact is, almost all of the UGF fellows will be attending some other institution for post-graduate education after their undergraduate careers are over,” Maxon said. “This effort offers them not only a great experience at world-class research institutions, but it also gets them outside of their comfort zones. Many of the students who have gone to labs outside of their home institutions have been able to bring new techniques and perspectives back with them at the end of the summer.”

For more information about the abstract, please contact Dr. Jennifer Gubbels at Augustana College. Click here for a link to the Autumn Immunology Conference website.