The SD BRIN Proteomics Core Facility provides state-of-the-art proteomics services to researchers from South Dakota and the region. Since 2002, the USD PCF has been providing proteomic analyses, as well as collaborating in the training of the use of common equipment such as the scanner, spot cutter, imaging software, technique and protocol issues, and sample preparation. Our goal is to provide all South Dakota researchers with the capability to rapidly analyze and identify protein expression patterns in their experimental systems.

              Dr. Michael S. Chaussee, Advisor
              Associate Professor, Infectious Disease
              Sanford School of Medicine,USD
              Phone: 605.658.6380
        Dr. Eduardo Callegari, Director
        Research Staff Scientist;USD Proteomics Core Facility
        Sanford School of Medicine,USD
        Phone: 605.658.6463;Fax: 605.677.6381