Steering Committee

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  • Dr. Cynthia Anderson, SD BRIN Programs Coordinator, Research Faculty, BHSU
  • Dr. Barbara E. Goodman, Director, SD BRIN/Professor of Physiology, USD
  • Dr. Mark Larson, Assistant Professor, AU
  • Carol Lushbough, Bioinformatics Core Co-Director & Assistant Prof. of CS, USD
  • Dr. Paula Mazzer, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, DWU
  • Dr. George Mwangi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, USF
  • Doug Jennewein, Research Computing Manager, USD
  • Dr. Deig Sandoval, Professor, OLC
  • Shelie Vacek, Health Science Librarian, USD
  • Dr. Joseph Roidt, Provost, DWU
  • Karla Witt, OLC
  • Dr. Chun Wu, Assistant Professor of Biology, MMC
  • Dr. Alan Young, Associate Professor, SDSU
  • Dr. Alexander Kofman, DWU BRIN Research Director, Visiting Professor, DWU
  • Dr. Mary Berry, Vice President for Research, USD
  • Dr. Shane Sarver, Chief Research Officer, BHSU
  • Rick DeLoughery, Extension Coordinator, SWC
  • Dr. Jerry Jorgensen, Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, AU
  • Dr. Jane Wood, Vice President for Academic Affairs, MMC
  • Minutes of steering committee meetings (PDF format)     [click to check all meetings]

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