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SD BRIN Program Goals

  • Continue to develop a strong collaborative network within South Dakota to enhance basic biomedical research capabilities
  • Foster interdisciplinary research in the control of cell growth with special emphasis on proteomics and genomics
  • Enhance research capacity and critical mass of investigators through mentorship of junior investigators at the lead institution
  • Maintain professionally staffed core facilities in proteomics and genomics for use by investigators throughout the region
  • Provide increased opportunities for graduate training in the core disciplines
  • Provide research support and mentoring for junior investigators and faculty members from partner institutions
  • Provide training and research opportunities for students at predominantly undergraduate institutions
  • Introduce undergraduate students to graduate programs and career opportunities in biomedical sciences and bioinformatics
  • Foster interest in further education and careers in science and research for students at tribal colleges through enhancement of their science education programs and provision of research opportunities

Research Projects

  • Bacterial enzymes which oxidize hydroxylamine
  • Software incorporating mathematical models in science
  • Identification and characterization of virus-induced cell death genes in two Australian Nicotiana species
  • Investigations of 8-aminoquinolones and protoporphyringen IX inhibitors to treat malaria
  • Exploring Native American medicinal plants for treatments of human health
  • Pursuit of novel ionophoric macromolecules and potential fungicides based upon the intramolecular silyl nitronate cycloaddition (ISNC)
  • Characterization of the bacteria present in the dental plaque of American Indian children
  • Nanostructured oxides for electrochromatography and electrocatalysis
  • Establishing a role for polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid-mediated inhibition of platelets
  • Chemical sensor based on dopamine molecular imprinted polymers
  • Ecological genomics: fine scale niche characterization of Boechera stricta, a close wild relative of Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Comparative phylogeography of the North American biota
  • Theory of the nerve pulse transfer based on the solution of the nonlinear diffusion process of ions K+ in the blood plasma
  • Identification of the regulatory elements controlling expression of the starch biosynthetic pathway genes and their interactions in polyploidy bread wheat
  • Potential drug targets for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections
  • Developing a non-radioactive thiaminase assay


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