Welcome to the Lab

The primary research interests of the Baugh Lab are examining the cognitive and neuropsychological foundations of skilled movement, and deficits in such movement that can arise both from healthy aging and neurological damage. Although psychologists and neuroscientists have often described the brain as having the primary duty of generating thoughts and ideas, without having the ability to act upon our environment, these cognitions would serve little purpose. Our lab examines questions related to how our brain represents and utilizes the information required to successfully interact with our surroundings. This question is one of fundamental importance in cognitive neuroscience, breaching the gaps between the brain, the mind, and the outside world. To address this topic, the lab utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses traditional cognitive psychology methodologies, neuropsychological patient investigations, fMRI paradigms, EEG, EMG, and the detailed analysis of movement kinematics.

The Lab is based in the Basic Biomedical Sciences Division of the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota.