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Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane is a television and new media talent and producer who has both hosted and produced hundred of hours of live television. Her work has appeared on NBC, TechTV, G4, The Style Network, Current TV, and more than a dozen network affiliates nationwide. more

From wikipedia: Sarah Lane (born October 12, 1976 in Santa Cruz, California) is an American television personality most notably known for her appearances on TechTV's The Screen Savers, G4's Attack of the Show, and Revision3's popSiren.

Early life 

Lane grew up in Sebastopol, California, and later attended San Francisco State University where she received a bachelor's degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts in 1998.[1] 


Lane worked several years for KRON-TV in San Jose, California starting out as a Production Assistant before eventually becoming a Series Producer/Director. She produced weekly half-hour hi-tech newsmagazine programs, a documentary, and wrote for the nightly news.[2]

In February 2001, Lane was hired by TechTV to be a Senior Segment Producer and on-air talent for The Screen Savers, a television show centered around computers, new technologies, and their adaptations in the world.[2]

In April 2004, Lane, along with fellow TechTV personalities Morgan Webb, Laura Swisher, Catherine Schwartz, and Melanie Kim, was included in the "TechTV's Sexiest Techie" poll sponsored by Playboy magazine. TechTV viewers could vote for their favorite girl via the Playboy website, and the winner of the poll would be offered a nude photo spread in a future issue of Playboy. Morgan Webb, who won the poll, did not pose.[3]

On March 25, 2004, Comcast's G4 gaming channel announced a merger with TechTV. This move became hugely controversial among loyal fans of TechTV. Around May 6, G4 announced the termination of 250 employees from the San Francisco office by July 10, 2004, allowing approximately 80 to 100 employees to transition to G4's main office in Los Angeles, California if they agreed to relocate there.[4] Lane chose to stay with G4 and moved to Los Angeles. Lane was one of only six TechTV personalities, including Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Kevin Rose, Chi-Lan Lieu, and Brendan Moran, to survive the layoffs resulting from the May 2004 merger of G4 and TechTV.

Sarah Lane

Lane remained as a senior segment producer and on-air talent for the nightly G4TechTV technology show The Screen Savers. Later, the show would switch gears, becoming the variety show Attack of the Show! where her main involvement revolved around the American entertainment sector. She also produced weekly segments entitled Sarah's Damn Good Website, which showed off amusing or entertaining websites, "Damn Good Downloads", which demonstrated exactly what it sounds like and "Gems of the Internet" which found oddities on the internet. She also produced a daily news segment entitled "The Feed".[1] Lane's last appearance on Attack of the Show was on April 6, 2006.[5]

Sarah was employed as the Director of Production at Revision3 and co-hosts popSiren, a Revision3 original show.[6][7]

She was made redundant on October 28, 2008 as part of the Revision3 layoffs [8].

Personal life

Sarah Lane married Brendan Moran on May 20, 2006. They both left Attack of the Show! and began a thirteen-month long honeymoon tour of the world and to pursue other opportunities. As they traveled, she continued updating the world on their adventures via her travel blog. [9] Since returning from their honeymoon tour, Lane has stopped mentioning Moran at all on her blog, although when she was asked about him in the comments section in September 2007, she responded, "Brendan is fine! He also works in San Francisco at YourTV20. I wouldn't expect a blog from him anytime soon, though." As of Sept. 2008, he does have a blog,

This is the second known relationship she has had with a co-host: The first was Kevin Rose, with whom she worked on The Screen Savers, continuing through to Attack of the Show!.

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