iJustine is simply amazing.

It is not just iJustine's striking beauty or a whimsical style or mind-blowing creativity. Nope, there is much more to this up-and-coming young Internet Superstar. Just checkout some of her YouTube videos and you can't help but be captivated, amazed and entertained.

I've been working with young developing talent for thirty years and I can honestly say iJustine is one of the most exciting new all-in-one packages I've ever seen. She's bright, fun loving, a sharp business woman and a natural actress. We wish her continued success and hope she continues to have fun while achieving all her dreams!  Click Here for lots of photos! Click Here for videos!

About Justine from beautyaddicts.com:

JUSTINE “iJustine” EZARIK – made global headlines last summer when she received a 100-page phone bill as a result of using her iPhone to send more than 30,000 text messages. Ezarik’s video of the event was seen by millions online and on television, leading to a change in the way iPhone customers are billed.

Sometimes referred to as a “new media” star, Ezarik’s work has been featured on a number of sites including MySpace and Yahoo. One of the first “lifecasters,” Ezarik helped to define the genre by streaming her life online for more than 100 days to an audience of over 3 million. The feat resulted in her becoming the subject in feature story produced by award winning journalist Kevin Sites. iJustine has come a long way since finishing as a runner-up in the Yahoo! Talent Competition.

With a catalog of more than 300 videos and 2,000 photos online, Ezarik “is the Internet”. A connoisseur of all things Internet, a gadget girl and a comedienne; iJustine represents a new kind of media star.

The daughter of a coal miner and gym teacher, Ezarik grew up in Pennsylvania. After graduating from the Pittsburgh Technical Institute in 2004, she landed several jobs in graphic design and video editing before starting her own business.

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