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Michael Wilbon of the ESPN’s top rated Pardon the Interruption may have said it best when he called Julia “an American original."

Julia Allison is an American columnist, the editor-at-large for Star and a columnist for Time Out New York. She appears on the cable networks MSNBC, Headline News, and Fox Business frequently and in the past Fox News. She was the author of a weekly social column entitled "The Dating Life" which appeared in AM New York. Allison is originally from Wilmette, a northern suburb of Chicago.

In college, Allison wrote the dating column "Sex on the Hilltop" for Georgetown University's newspaper, The Hoya, under the name Julia Baugher.[1] She also worked as a full-time legislative correspondent for Illinois Republican Congressman Mark Kirk in the 107th Congress as well as in his 2000 campaign. Allison has been romantically linked with former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., a Democrat, in 2002. Her relationship was used as an attack ad by the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Ford's unsuccessful run for United States Senate in 2006.[2] In response, she commented on the experience,[3][4] and wrote about the relationship in a July 2006 Cosmopolitan article.[5] Consequently, some of her comments were read aloud by Rush Limbaugh on his nationwide conservative talk radio show.[6] In 2004, Allison graduated from Georgetown University.

In addition to writing for Time Out New York, she had a monthly column in CO-ED Magazine and has written for a variety of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Maxim, New York, Teen Vogue, Men's Health, Seventeen, and Capitol File. She also does party coverage for the Huffington Post.[7]

She has appeared occasionally on the Fox Business show Happy Hour and Fox News' Red Eye. She appears weekly on CNN's Showbiz Tonight and Glenn Beck, as well as on Montel Williams, MSNBC's Scarborough Country. Locally, she has appeared on New York City's Fox 5, and Sirius radio. In 2006, Allison appeared in an episode of Elimidate.[8] She was also on Gawker's list of personalities of the year in 2006.[9] In 2008, Allison appeared in an episode of CollegeHumor's Hardly Working.[10] Allison is also pictured on the cover of the August, 2008 Wired Magazine.[11]

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From one of Julia's many websites:

I am, as I say in my bio, personally & professionally, a handful. Also? Rambunctious, indefatigable, sometimes simply obnoxious. But I mean well. I pretty much like any conversation encompassing sociology, biology, psychology, philosophy, architecture, media, technology, feminism, personal growth and the absurd machinations between men & women otherwise known as "dating." 

Yes, I'm really nice. No, I'm not faking it.

"The reason half the world feels lonely is because the other half is pretending to be perfect."

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