Tatiana Barrera

Having her best childhood memories from the countryside, enjoying nature at its best; Tatiana has always been a passionate healthy lifestyle advocate. She graduated as an Industrial Engineer, and her professional career opened her eyes to how different the food industry is from those childhood memories she treasures. As a mother, her main motivation is her kids, and the burning desire to offer them the best quality of life possible; and leave them, and other children, a healthier world to live in.

Today, Tatiana is an author and public speaker, spreading the word of balanced nutrition and

healthy lifestyle. Her experiences, the fact that she has lived in three different countries, and her constant desire to read in-between the lines and to find what lies underneath anything life puts in her path are her strongest tools. 

Tatiana is a Nutrition Consultant and Alkaline Expert. Author of "No Milk, Please" and "No a La Leche". She has been repeatedly featured in TV, as trusted expert for "Un Nuevo Dia", in Telemundo International, and on radio stations in Florida, Arizona and California. She is the host of "Eat Alkaline Foods", a weekly show on Google+, part of the Hangout10 network, that airs every Friday at Noon Eastern Time.

You can learn more about Tatiana by visiting her personal page Tatiana Barrera as well as her company page Eat Alkaline Foods.

Connect with her to get great tips and advice, or to ask her about your own lifestyle and nutritional concerns. Find her on Google+through both her Personal Profile, and her Company Page, on twitter @EatAlkalineFood and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EatAlkalineFoods  

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