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Proposal for Board Eligibility

posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:30 PM by Unknown user
A coach must be a USCA member for a minimum of 2 years before being qualified for election to the board in any position or appointed to the at-large position. Many coaches do not understand that USCA is composed of athletes and that they are here to assist the athletes, rather than rule them or in some way dominate the athletes. As most of the membership is composed of clubs and most athletes prefer to have a fair say in how their affairs are handled, requiring a minimum 2 years encourages coaches to understand their role within the USCA system and understand the unique situation of the athlete driven atmosphere that composes USCA.

Relevance: I contend that those who are exposed for a number of years to any system learn it best before they attempt to exercise control of the system. Two years feels like a short time frame, but any longer might be unreasonable. This proposal is relevant to USCA as new clubs join by the month and that means new coaches who do not understand USCA’s past and who may wish to volunteer without fully understanding US Collegiate Archery. As such ensuring that the coaches understand the environment is extremely relevant to the interests of USCA.