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Proposal for a central location for USIAC

posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:19 PM by Unknown user
Given recent increases in participation at USIAC and host difficulties in finding venues large enough to hold participants, it is necessary that USCA consider a central location in the U.S. that is the constant site of the national championships, rather than a constant moving host that is prone to first or second year mistakes, expensive locations for one coast or another, and present fair and equal travel time to all clubs participating at the national event.

Rationale: Currently one club has proposed excluding a full division from competition (bowhunters) and force that division to go to an alternative competition, rather than seek a larger venue that can better handle the steady increase in participation USCA has experienced in recent years. Additionally, a central site allows the host there to provide an optimal atmosphere for competitors, as said host will best understand the needs of USCA, the rules of FITA and FISU, and how to manage a field of collegiate athletes.

Relevant: In past years the National Archery Association (NAA) has held national events on a 4 year cycle. The National Field Archery Association holds its national events (Las Vegas, Louisville) at the same location every year. This indicates that both organizations understand that a permanent or semipermanent location helps provide familiarity to the athletes participating and for the host to provide the best possible environment for the athletes.