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Proposal for 3D presentation

posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:28 PM by Unknown user
As USCA has made it clear that it will begin embracing 3D events and has included a bowhunting division, it is proposed that USCA permit 3D to be represented on the board in the same fashion as the at-large board position. 
Relevance: Other organizations have selected board members that represent direct interests of the athletes, and with 3D, it is felt that someone with experience and understanding of IBO, NFAA, and other 3D organizations, requirements, and technology be on the board to represent those who choose to participate. Some clubs seem to be against 3D and bowhunting and therefore some clubs feel that there is potentially an issue of anti-bowhunting/3D board members were elected. Adding a 3D representation supports USCA's mission and vision as an inclusive organization.