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Include bow hunter division to the overall team award at USIAC.

posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:20 PM by Unknown user
This proposal seeks full inclusion of the growing bowhunter division, which is regarded by some teams as a necessary division due to the large numbers of bowhunters on their campuses. It is felt that full inclusion is preferable to deliberate exclusion.

Rationale: The adjustment to the way the overall team award is calculated would not be in any way harmful to present teams. It would include the bowhunters in the same manner as the current team award is calculated, simply with the additional division counting for the same points as all the others.

Relevance: The team award is something that is recognized by USCA and no other organization has something similar. The alteration to how the award is calculated would be similar to when compounds were originally included in the team calculation, but with the understanding that the competitive compounds seen at world events and many target events are vastly different than the bowhunter division compounds in use at IBO and NFAA events.