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Dress Code Proposal

posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:25 PM by Unknown user
Allow denim and camouflage acceptable at USCA events, while making faded (such as faded denim) one of the colors/styles unacceptable for events. Many denim products are professional looking, present regional or state culture in a manner that is not disrespectful to the sport of archery, and in many cases are viewed as suitable attire for all but FITA/USCA officials. Camouflage is largely a color scheme that is enjoyed by bowhunters and those who participate in hunting activities, and as USCA has moved to include the bowhunter division in mainstream activities, then it is proposed that so long as the athlete does not dress inappropriately or in a manner deemed disrespectful to officials, USCA, or FITA, camouflage be accepted. Additionally, if USCA works with military academies, camouflage is part of their attire and should be respected as official uniform.

Relevance: In recent years FITA has relaxed the rules on uniforms and appropriate clothing options. In previous decades FITA required all athletes wear white clothing, then moved towards embracing alternative color options. This simply allows for American athletes to wear clothing they feel has significance to them culturally and allows them to feel most comfortable while competing. Ripped, torn, or faded clothing will remain considered inappropriate.