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AMS Proposal

posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:24 PM by Unknown user
This proposes that the AMS system, which currently mandates EVERY team and club to submit their members eligibility and proof of fulltime status, begin doing spot checks rather than continuing with full management of the teams. To clarify:
Teams that are on campus clubs or sports recreation teams, or varsity teams and have the administration’s assistance and backing to compete would have to submit a signed form confirming that athletes intending to compete have a minimum 2.0 GPA and are considered either graduating seniors or fulltime students. This form would simply acknowledge that the athletes meet the minimum requirements for USCA eligibility and would be mandatory for all varsity and sports rec clubs.
AMS managers would spot check 50% of membership clubs on an annual basis. Clubs would be required to submit proof of eligibility within 7 days of notification.
Athletes nominated for All-Academic would have to submit proof of GPA.

Relevance: USCA is rapidley growing. By utilizing spot checks instead of double checking each eligibility form, USCA could possibly achieve the same goal of compliance in a less cumbersome manner. While it is understood that the purpose is to verify that athletes meet the requirements held forth by USCA, there are few stories of cheating within college archery and it is felt that a spot check will keep teams honest.