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Adjust the board elections by adding a nominating committee

posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:27 PM by Unknown user
Much as US Archery Association has a committee that approves nominations for board positions, college archery should consider a similar move. At present any individual may throw their hat in the ring, but may lack the experience or credentials to serve on the board, or may not support the mission and vision of US College Archery. As such a nominating committee would be capable of interviewing and determining who best would serve US College Archery and then put forth the nominations for the membership to vote on their preferred candidates. The committee would be appointed for 3 years at a time by the USCA board, in a rotating shift, such that only a third of the committee is replaced on a yearly cycle, rather than the entire committee being replaced entirely. Additionally, the committee would be known only to the Board and employees of USCA who must interact with the committee, in order to prevent individuals nominated for the board from attempting to maneuver themselves to advantageously good graces with members of the committee.

Relevance: This form of committee exists within US Archery Association, which has had recent financial stability and shown extremely reserved board members who do not act in a way that damages their organization. It is felt that USCA would benefit from this model.