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WUC Team Trials clarification

posted Mar 7, 2012, 8:53 PM by Unknown user
USCA has appreciated the support by members regarding the changes in the WUC trial process.  The information has been available in the USCA Rules and Procedures Handbook since its approval in Sept 2011.  For Collegiate Archers, there is only one international competition each year.  The changes provide the opportunity for the team to be comprised fully of USCA full-time college students. It eliminates loopholes that were utilized for ‘gaming’ the previous requirements. Adults who have graduated from college and have moved on in life have many other opportunities to compete internationally in other archery organizations including IBO, NFAA, and USAA.

In 2011, USCA became aware of the need to have a very clear pathway for athletes to file a grievance and have a fair and impartial remedy for legitimate issues regarding the Team Trials.  The drafting and review of the USCA WUC Team Trials and Complaint/Appeals process by USCA’s legal counsel provides this important pathway for our member athletes and very closely follows other appeal processes for sport grievances. USCA is proud to provide impartial remedies to our members.

Several members have contacted USCA requesting clarification as provided below:

1.     Athletes who are study abroad or co-op students who are considered full-time students by their university and otherwise meet the criteria are eligible.

2.     Athletes in their final semester and graduating in spring 2012 that are taking less than 12 units but at least 3 units and otherwise meet the criteria as outlined are eligible.

3.     Students who did not submit Fall 2011 eligibility via the Archery Management System (AMS) may provide proof of full-time fall status by completing Appendix E, the ‘Fall 2011 Proof of Eligibility’ form  or by submitting Fall 2011 semester transcripts that show full-time status and a minimum 2.0 gpa (3.0 for graduate students).

4.     If you submitted your Fall 2011 eligibility via the AMS, you do not need to complete #3, Appendix E.

5.      If you have not submitted your eligibility via the AMS for Spring 2012, the AMS is available to complete this requirement by the stated Trials deadlines.

College archery is a great opportunity to learn the sport as part of the campus experience, develop archery skills, increase competition readiness, engage in social activities with other college students and attend and represent your university, USCA, and Country in competitive events. Elite honors such as All-American and All-Academic honors, National and Regional titles and honors are also opportunities to be recognized and excel in the sport. 

USCA will continue to move forward in providing a professional organization for its coach and athlete members and we look forward to continued unparalleled growth and success.