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Team Round Rules

posted Apr 16, 2012, 9:07 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 4, 2012, 8:31 PM ]
Team  and Mixed Team Round Rules 

A team shall consist of the highest ranked three (or two if a Mixed Team) athletes from

the Qualification Round unless the Team Manager notifies the Director of Shooting or the

Chairman of Judges in writing at least one hour before the start of that round of

competition of a substitution of another athlete who competed in the Qualification Round.

In case of substitution medals shall only be awarded to the athletes that shot the Team

Round, not the Qualification Round. A violation of the foregoing will result in

disqualification of the team.

Target Assignments

In the Team Event (both teams shooting at the same time):

The left/right position for matches shall follow the match play chart. The team on the

top line of each pair (of the chart) shall shoot on the left hand side of that match.

The target allocation for each round of the competition is the choice of the organisers;

Target faces and distance

Recurve archers shoot 70m on the Academic Target aka hit/miss

Compound archers shoot two compound hit/miss targets at 50m


Shooting line/One meter line

Both teams shall start each end of their match with the athletes behind the 1m line.

The first athlete may only cross the 1m line when the Director of Shooting has given

the signal to start the match;

The athletes in the team shall shoot two arrows each in an order of their own


One athlete shall occupy the shooting line, while the other athletes remain behind the

1m line. No more than one athlete at a time shall be in front of the 1m line;

Wheelchair athletes may stay on the shooting line throughout the match. They indicate

that they have finished shooting by raising a hand above the head.

When moving forward to shoot, athletes shall not remove their arrows from their

quivers until they are on the shooting line;

Violations of the Team Event rules shall be handled


Ends and number of arrows

Archers will shoot a total of 4 ends, 2 arrows per archer (total of 6 arrows per end). 

Mixed team will shoot a total of 4 ends, 2 arrows per archer (total of 4 arrows per end).


If a member of the team shoots more than the required number of arrows in alternating

shooting before returning behind the 1m line, the team shall lose the highest scoring

arrow of that end.


40 seconds is the time allowed for the Mixed Team to shoot their two arrows for the purpose of breaking ties.

80 seconds is allowed for a Mixed Team to shoot four arrows, two per athlete.

Two minutes is the time allowed for an athlete to shoot an end of three arrows or for a

team to shoot six arrows;

One minute is allowed for a team to shoot three arrows, one per athlete, in the Team

Round for the purpose of breaking ties.


Calling arrows

The spotting scope (or binoculars) may not be on the shooting line.  The spotting scope must be behind the one meter line.  Archers who are not shooting may call the arrows or the coach from the position of the coach box may call the arrows. Coaches may not call arrows if the archer is calling arrows.



Athletes who have been warned more than once and who continue breaking the following

rules or who do not follow decisions and directives (which can be appealed) of the assigned


Team Round Time penalties

If a member of a team crosses the 1m line too soon the Judge shall raise the yellow card.

This card indicates that the athlete shall have to return behind the 1m line to start over

again or be replaced by another athlete with arrows to shoot who shall start from behind

the 1m line.


If the team does not obey the yellow card and the athlete shoots his arrow, the team shall

lose the highest scoring arrow for that end.

15.3.3. The same procedure applies if a team member removes an arrow from the quiver before

standing on the shooting line.



Must be in the Coach Box.  Coaches may not call arrows if a members of the team is calling arrows.