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United Bowmen of Philadelphia

posted Jun 11, 2012, 12:25 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 11, 2012, 1:02 PM ]
This is a great opportunity for teams to participate in a mail-in tournament. It allows individuals to compete against those who are at various parts of the country without having to travel. It would be a great thing to do before 3D USIAC, and it is being hosted by:

United Bowmen of Philadelphia

Founded 1828

The Oldest Target Archery Club in the United States

Invite your organization to participate in the

2012 United Bowmen  Open International Team Tournament by Mail


The United Bowmen Round

Seven dozen arrows at 80 yards; 5-color 122 cm target face

Scoring 9-7-5-3-1; Rebounds count 5; no marking of hits

Men and Women both shoot at 80 yards

The United Bowmen Round---arguably the oldest standardized target archery round in the English-speaking world

First shot August 15, 1835 – 9 years before the appearance  of  the York Round. *

Developed by  the United Bowmen.

The only round shot at Club Field Days for the past 177 years.


This development marks the beginning of modern competitive  target archery


The  United Bowmen, the Surrey Bowmen and the Royal Toxophilite Society have shot  the United Bowmen Round in competition by mail regularly since  the mid-1930’s.   The Open International Team Tournament is an outgrowth of this style of competition..


The  event is a competitive team tournament and  a social event (shooting is discontinued at the completion of 7 ends for a break of 30 minutes at “Halftime” for refreshments ) with a touch of 19th Century Custom to Recognize the Early Development of Modern Target Archery in Britain and North America.


Minimum Team Size – 4 archers

Scores for teams as large as 10 archers will be tabulated

All shooting must be completed on or before 31  December 2012

No Fees – All age, gender and equipment divisions recognized.


1 630 842 3015

*See Robert P. Elmer  -  Target Archery 1952