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Team USA wins at World University Championships

posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:16 PM by Unknown user

The collegiate archery team selected to compete in the 9th World University Championships met with success in Cordoba, Spain earning a total of six medals, 3 golds, 2 silvers, and 1 bronze.

US Collegiate Archery (USCA) implemented the first ever team building strategy the first few days of the championship to create a team synergy instead of 12 individual athletes.  The effort was based on the past few years where the international medal count for USCA had been less than anticipated with issues regarding team cohesiveness.  Executive Director Lorretta Sinclair was pleased with the team's overall performance and support of each other stating, "This has been the most cohesive team since 2006 and has resulted in the large medal count.  Many team members made excellent efforts to not only support each other on the field, but off the field with the realization that it takes more than individuals to succeed in difficult international environments."

All medals were won by our compound archers, with Tristan Skarvan finishing 2nd in the individual matches, Evan Scudner, Bronze, and Dan Suter winning the Gold. Suter made it into the Gold medal match when he went into a nail biting shootoff in the semis against Luca Fanti (ITA) with a score of 144-142.   In the mixed team round, Skarvan and Suter again took the gold medal beating out Germany 12 - 10. 

The women's compound team came together despite the winds, and in an exciting tie breaking shoot off beat Malaysia for the Gold Medal.  The winds picked up in a swirling pattern for the men's compound round, where compound archer Eric Beaudry stated, 'it was hard to figure it out (the wind).  I'd aim off and the arrow would go there, and then I'd correct aiming off the other way, and the arrow would go there. It didn't make any sense.'  The men lost to Italy in a 11 to 16 match, earning the silver medal.

Team mate Eric Beaudry lost to Scudner, moving Scudner to the quarters. Remaining compound team members, Eric Beaudry, Kendal NIcely, and Elissa Falconer finished 9th, 7th, and 9th respectively.

USCA's recurve archers faced a very tough field. Italy, Spain, Netherlands and other countries used this event as an Olympic games warm-up so there were many Olympians competing against our full time college students.  The final standings for the recurve archers were Dakota Sinclair, 17th, Tony Don 17th, Ryan Fortenberry, 17th, Katie Alexander, 17th, Sarah Chai, 17th, and Kayla Debord, 17th.  The recurve mixed team of Tony Don and Katie Alexander finished 9th. The women's recurve team went out on their first match to Taipei placing them 7th place overall.  The men won their first match against Romania in a 16 to 14 match and then lost to number one ranked Korea 13 to 23.

USCA thanks the volunteer coaching staff of Ed Eliason, Robert Sinclair, and Benton Christensen for supporting not only the team but also collegiate archery.  This was Benton Christensen's third time volunteering for a USCA world team.

The next World University Championships will be in 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.