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Team Awards

posted May 23, 2012, 7:51 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 29, 2012, 10:33 PM ]
Team rounds are one of the most respected events to compete in at USCA's US Intercollegiate Archery Championship (USIAC). Forty-eight clubs competed in a variety of competitions including Team Round and Mixed Team round.

2012 Team Competition
In the team round competition, USCA provides for a small team substitution which is in alignment with the International University Sport Federation (FISU). FISU is the International Governing Body for University Sport. USCA adopted the small team substitution rule in order to provide opportunity for competition to as many clubs as possible. Teams that are unable to field a full men's or women's team in a respective discipline are able to compete in the Men's team by combining at least one man and a maximum of two women. This was the first year that many of the small teams were able to participate in the team round event.

In the recurve men's competition, Penn College earned the title of National Champion with Glen Thomas, Stephen Keys, Brandon Allison edging out Matt Requa, End Hwa-Ng, and Ryan Fortenberry from Texas A&M in the Gold Medal Match. UC San Diego's team of Stella Chen, Dakota Sinclair, and Chris Cheng clinched the Bronze medal with 13 points to JMU's 9 points.

The recurve women battled it out with Texas A&M (Jory Schroeder, Kayla Debord, and Fernanda Cabrera) defeating the JMU women's team of Amy Hui, Kathryn Holmes, andAmelia Nguyen in the Gold medal match. Columbia's women led by Sarah Chai, Anna Harrington, and Sara Bernstein earned the Bronze by defeating University of California - Berkeley 10 - 4.

Recurve Men
National Champions, Penn College
2nd, Texas A&M
3rd, UC San Diego

Recurve Women
National Champion, Texas A&M
2nd, James Madison University
3rd, Columbia University

The competition at 50m for the compound teams was exciting as the teams used the compound hit or miss target that is utilized by FISU for collegiate competition. Penn College men's team, Andrew Everett, Matthew Cummings, and Zachary Bixby beat Texas A&M (Simon Rousseau , Adam Gallant, Adam Wruck) in the Gold medal match 15-14. JMU's Daniel Suter, Clinton Teegarden, and Andrew Knoll took the Bronze medal match over University of Texas.

On the women's side for the compound team rounds, Tristan Skarvan and her teammates, Elizabeth Sweet and Mackenzie Keiborz took the National title over Penn College XXX to XXX . MIchigan State University held their own against Columbia University and earned the Bronze medal with Jennifer Shelden, Morgan Cannon, and Lisa Reppenhagen hitting 11 to Columbia’s 7.

Men Compound
National Champion, Penn College
2nd, TAMU
3rd, JMU

Women Compound
National Champion, TAMU
2nd, Penn College
3rd, Michigan State University

The Bow Hunter men and women also competed on the compound hit or miss target at 50 meters. This division is only two years old and in the two years it has tripled in size. USCA Mission and Vision includes providing opportunity for all college archers. The Bow hunter division looks promising for growth within the clubs and teams at colleges in the US. Many teams are comprised primarily of Bow hunters and this new division provides the opportunity to be part of the US Intercollegiate Archery Championship.

Penn College was one of the first teams to include the Bow hunter division into their full roster and earned the National Championship title this year with Kelvin Dewalt, Jordan McGowan, and Joseph Dowdrick beating the Cal State Long Beach team (Dale Gima, Joseph Byington, and Cameron McLeod) 6 - 2. Penn State's bow hunter team (Ethan Purcell, Andrew Hower, and Ross Senior) earned the bronze medal by defeating University of Connecticut 7 - 4.

Bow Hunter Men
National Champions, Penn College
2nd, Cal State Long Beach
3rd, Penn State

Mixed Team
The mixed team round is comprised of one man and one woman from each team. While teams may select the individuals, most teams have the top finishers from the qualification round compete in this fun and exciting event. The recurve archers compete at 70m on the Academic target, aka the hit/miss where a hit in the yellow is worth 1 point and a hit anywhere else on the target is a miss. The compound, Bow hunter, and Basic Bow archers (traditional, barebow, Genesis) all compete at 50m on the compound hit/miss target.

The Mixed team champions in recurve were Texas A&M. University of Arizona earned the silver and Penn College won the Bronze.

In the compound mixed team competition, Michigan State University competed against Texas A&M in the gold medal match and earned the Silver medal.

In the Bow hunter division, Mt. Marty College earned the title of National Champion defeating Penn College. Penn State took Bronze.

Overall Team
The Overall Team award was created after the integration of compound (after 1996) in college archery in an effort to honor the teams that were building both compound and recurve teams. The overall team award is based on a formula of participation by the teams and the number of matches won in each team competition.

Clubs that field full team in each division maximize the points available to earn this award. The Bow Hunter and College Basic Bow divisions are not included in the overall team calculation.

This year the Overall Team Award went to Texas A&M (850 points) followed by Penn College in 2nd with 770 points, , and JMU earned 660 points to place third.