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Small Team Substitution

posted Apr 3, 2012, 10:27 AM by Unknown user
Per changes in September, small teams who cannot make up either a men's or women's team in a discipline may combine up to two women and compete in the men's division of their respective discipline.   This is a FISU allowance that the Board felt was fair to utilize.  The board clarified in Feb that it is for all disciplines.   A team cannot combine if they have enough to make a team in either gender in a discipline and they cannot sit out a man in order to put in a woman (ie if there are 2 recurve men and 2 recurve women, both men must shoot).  Teams may not remove equipment to create a 'new team' as in extra compound archers cannot remove stabilizers and scopes for 12" stabilizer and pins and go into Bow Hunter.  They cannot compete in Men's team compound, nor can compound shoot in Bow hunter team.  All disciplines must be the same for the small team substitution