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Archery Tag

posted Sep 18, 2012, 2:33 PM by Unknown user
USCAA has been contacted regarding the validity of a club's liability insurance
with regard to extreme sports, such as Archery Tag, and other games that involve shooting at each
other, chasing each other with bow/arrows, and /or shooting in a manner that is could be unsafe and
cause injury.

USCAA does not condone extreme archery sports and games and those activities are not covered under
the USCAA liability policy.

Games such as Clout are traditional archery games recognized by World Archery, as is the sport of 3D
that has a controlled environment with specific regulations that do not entail shooting at one another,
or shooting in a dangerous manner. All clubs are responsible for maintaining safety at all times whether
they are shooting target archery, 3D archery, or games such as Clout. Each Club must have a range
safety document and provide safety instruction to all club members and event participants.