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2012 USCA Academic Archery Honors

posted May 4, 2012, 1:01 PM by Unknown user

USCA is proud to announce the 2012 Academic Archery Honors. 

The Academic Archery Honors are earned by students who rank in the top 10 gpa's over 3.0 and finish within the top 25% at National Indoors.  Archers receive ranking points for each and the archers finishing in the top 10 earn this Academic Honor. 

Congratulations to the 2012 Academic Archery Honorees in the Compound and Recurve Divisions.  USCA looks forward to presenting the All-Academic Archery Awards to the Bow Hunter division in 2013.


Recurve Men Academic Archery Honors for 2012

Sungwoo Shin, Atlantic Cape College

Anthony Don, University of Arizona

Geln Thomas, Penn College

Dakota Sinclair, UC San Diego

Peter Severance, Univ of Maryland, Baltimore County

Bryan Brady, James Madison University

Eng Hwa Eng, Texas A&M

Joemari Salvani, Cal State University, Fullerton

Alan Chan, UCLA

Charles Wallace, Univ of Maryland, College Park


Recurve Women Academic Archery Honors for 2012

Linda Stephens, Georgia Southern Univ

Sarah Chai, Columbia

Taylor Hollmann, Texas A&M

Sarah Bernstein, Columbia

Lucy Archer, Wellesley Collge

Kathryn Holmes, James Madison Univ.

Alison Pain, Texas A&M

Arie Wong, UCLA

Kalie Sabajo, Cal State Univ Long Beach

Lyndsey Marzec, Texas A&M


Compound Men Academic Archery Honors for 2012

Evan Scudner, Mt. Marty College

Andrew Everett, Penn College

Simon Rousseau, Texas A&M

Spencer Endorf, Northeast College

Zachary Bixby, Penn College

Matthew Cummings, Penn College

Jarod Myer, Mt. Marty College

Adam Wruck, Texas A&M

Jonathan Macik, University of Texas


Compound Women Academic Archery Honors for 2012

Marcie Hebert, Univ of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Nicole Lapinski, Penn College

Elissa Falconer, MIami Univ of Ohio

Kacey Eggrs, Wayne State College

Tristan Skarvan, Texas A&M

Mackenzie Kieborz, Texas A&M

Lindsay Argyle, Weber State Univ

Seneca Francis, Utah State Univ

Elizabeth Sweet, Texas A&M

Jessica Shuma, Univ of Wisc, LaCrosse


Note: This is not an All-American award or title but rather a distinctive Academic Archery Honor.  The All-American title is earned under different criteria.