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2012 C3 Results

posted Mar 30, 2012, 5:43 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 30, 2012, 10:32 PM by Unknown user ]
The C3 had record attendance of 82 archers and was hosted by Cal State Long Beach this past weekend.  USCAA and Cal State Long Beach would like to thank our judges, Barrett Sinclair, Susan Coday, Tiffany Hsu for supporting the event.  We would also like to thank Linda Collier and Janet Dykman for their support. Executive Director Lorretta Sinclair stated, 'the event was fantastic and as always Cal State Long Beach did a superb job hosting the tournament.  The team went out of their way to make sure it was a fun event, which included Official team round and lottery team round so everyone was able to participate."

The top three in each division are as follows:
Recurve Men
1        Paguia Raymond California State University Northridge Recurve Men 832
2        Sinclair Dakota UC San Diego                                 Recurve Men 823
3        Chan       Alan         UCLA                                         Recurve Men 808

Recurve Women
1 Sabajo Kalie Cal State   Long Beach Recurve Women 758
2 Wiles Lyndsey         UC Berkeley Recurve Women 722
3 Wong Arie                 UCLA         Recurve Women 682

Bowhunter Men
1 Gima         Dale         Cal State Long Beach     Bowhunter Men 755
2 McLeod Cameron Cal State Long Beach     Bowhunter Men 730
3 Diaz         Rafael Cal State Long Beach     Bowhunter Men 689

Compound Men
1 Otero Ripley Cal State Long Beach     Compound Men 848
2 Ma     Raymond UC Berkeley             Compound Men 847 49
3 Price     Larry         Cal State Long Beach     Compound Men 847 45

Compound Women
1 Phan     Vickie Cal State Long Beach     Compound Women 817
2 Fan         Denise UCLA                     Compound Women 815
3 Ranks Stephanie UC Berkeley             Compound Women 810

College Basic Bow Men
1 Buckel Braden UCI                     College Basic Bow Men 320
2 Lopez Victor Cal State Fullerton College Basic Bow   Men 198

College Basic Bow Women
1 Leung Jessica UCLA Bowhunter Women 686

Recurve men offical team
2    CSUF Silver
3    UCLA Bronz

Recurve Women offical team
2    UCLA Silver
3    LBSAC Bronz

Compound Mens offical team
2    UCLA Silver
3    LBSAC Bronz

Compound Womens offical teams
2    Biola Silver