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Starting a Club

Do you want to start an archery club at your college or university? USCA offers a wide variety of support: free website for 1 year, travel grants, equipment grants, and personal support to help you start and develop your club.

We also offer recruiting packages to help you with club on-campus recruiting activities.

We've developed a guide to help you with recruiting, check out the USCA Recruiting Handbook to help you get started.

If you want to expand and grow your club, this will take some effort, but the rewards of this hard work will be the growth of your club!

If you need any help in completing eligibility paperwork, or have questions, contact the USCA Membership Manager.

Guide to Starting a Club
USCA Code of Ethics
USCA Athlete Code of Conduct
USCA Coach Code of Conduct
USCA Liability Waiver
Archery Safety Insight - Developed by Arrowsport, this document thoroughly demonstrates the safety of the sport.
USCA Club Safety Requirements