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M.S. Electrical Engineering (Emphasis in Control Systems), Spring 2017
Graduate Certificate - Commercializing Technology and Entrepreneurship
B.S. Electrical Engineering 
About Me:
I am a second year Master's student at the University of Southern California. I am studying Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Control Systems.

Over the past 4 years I have worked in the technology sector in account management in the semiconductor industry, technical marketing, and technology commercialization. I am currently working in the Brain-Body Dynamics Laboratory (BBDL) at the University of Southern California as a Research Assistant. At BBDL I am working on the design and control of a bio-inspired tendon-driven quadruped robot. 
Latest News:
Project Name: Kleo (Bio-Inspired, Tendon-Driven, Robotic Cat) (Summer 2016)
Description: Designed the mechanical structure of a bio-inspired tendon-driven quadruped robot. 

The ultimate goal is to apply what we know about the neuromechanics of organisms and learn how to improve robotics, prosthetics and our overall understanding of locomotion.

Linear Quadratic Gaussian (MATLAB & Simulink)

Project name: Nao Robot Class Project (Spring 2016)
Description: Implemented a  minimum jerk spline function and inverse kinematics to make the Nao robot draw shapes, balance, do elementary walking moves, and dance.
Nao Robot 

NAO Project

Project Name: Ants - A Useful Model for Robotics (Fall 2015)
Description:  Deneubourg et al. (1990) explored ant traffic on a diamond shaped bridge between a nest and a food source. Deneubourg et al. found that ants have a strong ability to converge to the shortest path as they are foraging. The Deneubourg model was implemented using a pure path controller in MATLAB.

Deneubourg, J.-L, et al. "The Self-Organizing Exploratory Pattern of the Argentine Ant ." Journal of Insect Behavior 3.2 (1990).

Project Name: Differential Drive Mobile Robot (Summer 2016)
Description: Built a differential drive robot and applied control theory to develop behavior-based control, which allowed autonomous navigation.

Programming Languages:
MATLAB, Python, and C++

Machine Shop:
Band Saw, Drill Mill, Hand Drill, Caliper, hand tools and 3D Printer

Autodesk Fusion360 (CAD), and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

Fall 2015
EE441: Applied Linear Algebra for Engineers
EE482: Linear Control Systems
CSCI540: Self-Organizing Systems

Spring 2016
EE585: Linear Systems Theory
CSCI545: Robotics
AME433: Engineering Dynamics

Fall 2016
EE587: Nonlinear and Adaptive Control
BME504: Neuromuscular Systems

Spring 2017
EE: Digital Control Design
Control of Mechanical Systems

Free Books: 
1.Distributed Control of Robotic Networks by  Francesco Bullo, Jorge Cortés, and Sonia Martínez
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