Conference and Travel Expenses

NOTEAll forms submitted MUST be SINGLE-SIDED!

This page is for Conference,  Hotel, and Flight expenses

1) Print/fill out the APSA Reimbursement Form Below
              APSA Reimbursement Form

2) Print/fill out the Travel Expense Report Form

              Travel Expense Report
                        Please take the time to fill out the form correctly or you can expect delays! 



    ORIGINAL BOARDING PASS (if applicable) 


    ORIGINAL CONFERENCE PASS (if applicable) 
            *Attach original receipt(s) on an 8.5x11'' white paper using CLEAR TAPE
4) Print out a Bank Statement that shows ALL of the following on one sheet*
            1) Your Name
            2) Last 4 digits of your card (MUST BE SAME AS ONES ON THE RECEIPT)
            3) The Purchase you made for the exact amount. 

            *If you can only print a sheet with two of the above items (For example the purchase and your name), please include a photocopy of your credit card. That way they can connect your name, last four digits of the card and the receipt. 

5) Make a photocopy of credit/debit card used (if applicable)*
            *Black out the excess information EXCEPT the last 4 digits and your name 

6) Conference Sign-off form 

7) Complete 1 paragraph reflection (350-400 words) 

8) Please paper clip all of the items above (DO NOT STAPLE) and turn them in to the APSA Director of Finance ASAP. 

                Up to TWO WEEKS AFTER your event.
APSA Pharmacy,
Oct 16, 2016, 7:18 PM
APSA Pharmacy,
Sep 26, 2017, 2:14 PM