Accepted Papers

Computing Robust Strategies for Managing Invasive Plants
Andreas Lydakis, Jenica Allen, Marek Petrik and Tim Szewczyk 

Sara Beery, Grant Van Horn and Pietro Perona

Darian Frajberg, Piero Fraternali and Rocio Nahime Torres

Exploiting Data and Human Knowledge for Predicting Wildlife Poaching
Swaminathan Gurumurthy, Lantao Yu, Chenyan Zhang, Yongchao Jin, Weiping Li, Xiaodong Zhang and Fei Fang

Matthias Körschens, Björn Barz and Joachim Denzler

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Green Security Game with Online Information
Lantao Yu, Yi Wu, Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Rohit Singh, Lucas Joppa and Fei Fang

Designing the Game to Play: Optimizing Payoff Structure in Security Games
Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Ziye Tang, Long Tran-Thanh, Rohit Singh and Fei Fang

Counting Caribou from Aerial Imagery
Evan Shelhamer, Nathan Pamperin and Trevor Darrell

Angelina Brilliantova, Anton Pletenev, Liliya Doronina, and Hadi Hosseini

Jason Parham, Charles Stewart, Tanya Berger-Wolf, Daniel Rubenstein and Jason Holmberg

Patrick Gray and David Johnston

Green Security Game with Community Engagement
Taoan Huang, Rohit Singh and Fei Fang

Elizabeth Bondi, Debadeepta Dey, Ashish Kapoor, Jim Piavis, Shital Shah, Fei Fang, Bistra Dilkina, Robert Hannaford, Arvind Iyer, Lucas Joppa and Milind Tambe

Ruling the Roost with CNNs: Detecting and Tracking Communal Bird Roosts in Weather Radar Data
Zezhou Cheng, Saadia Gabriel, Pankaj Bhambhani, Daniel Sheldon, Subhransu Maji, Andrew Laughlin and David W. Winkler

Probabilistic Inference with Generating Functions for Population Models
Kevin Winner, Daniel Sheldon and Debora Sujono

Inferring Latent Velocities from Weather Radar Data using Gaussian Processes
Rico Angell, Daniel Sheldon and Eric Johnson